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When was EliteFPL Created

Back in 2018 after Jason was invited to join Steve-O and Dan on their facebook fantasy VLOG.

What is EliteFPL?

EliteFPL is centred around a YouTube FPL show. It’s goal is to promote community conversation and friendly rivalry within it’s discord server.

Why Join EliteFPL?

Joining the community is and always will be 100% free – the optional extras (such as member streams / invitational) are just ways to give back to the community who support us.

What is our Goal?

We just want to create a fun space and traverse new frontiers with our content and community. We are excited to see what each season has in store and will promise to innovate and bring new ideas to the table each and every time!

Do I need to be a regular community member to join on a call in?

Absolutely not! Don’t get it wrong, we love our regulars but sometimes a fresh new voice giving their take on things is what makes our show special! If you’re on the fence about joining when live – just do it – jump in! We don’t bite, well – Steve-O might 😉

Can I make suggestions / feedback to the show?

We have a think tank section in discord, or you can always PM Jason in discord with cool new ideas which you think might improve our show!

What's new?

In August 2020  we will be overhauling our website and introducing a new community reward called the EliteFPL Invitational (Golden Ticket) – this will allow people who have supported the show with the donation to be entered into the Invitational Cash Mini League free of charge and have a chance of winning monthly prizes!