History of EliteFPL

The origins of this particular pod actually date back to as far back as 2008 when Steve-O at is place of work (Tesco) decided to unofficially play Fantasy Football with his colleagues, meaning, rather than officially signing up to a national newspaper he thought, why not do a version of his own, which entailed Steve-O to photocopy the papers player listing (approximately 20 sheets at 50p per sheet) go to work, generate interest with guys at work and see who wanted to play, if they said yes, Steve-O would hand them the player listing (I think about 15 people played) and I think it was a fiver to join.  

Back then it was some fun, there was no direct rules of squad selection other than, you can pick whoever you like that fitted in an eleven man team and a realistic formation and that was it. The points scoring system was simple, I just stole the newspapers points system, simplified to goals scored, clean sheet and whoever the paper chose as their MAN OF THE MATCH. I can’t specifically remember the exact points but would be something like for goal scoring, defenders 6pts, Mids 5, Striker 4. After (what we now call) the ‘gameweek’ OR gw as its popularly written as, Steve-O would total up the points of each team. He would then Email the guys participating how well they were doing and construct the league table.

This particular fantasy football work league lasted two years, as a friend at work suggested if i’d seen that a website did exactly what I did, but was free to enter. I entered along with a few others, didn’t even create a mini league (ML), just played it for overall rank. The following season (2011/2012) Steve-O found out that friends of his in another store played this game and was invited to join a cash ML. What is known to everyone as the Torbay Elite. 
This particular league upto this day has been growing and growing each year, just a £10 entry fee and prize money split into several catergories Top4, Manager of the month, Furthest cup run and ‘funniest’ team name.
Between 2014-2017 Steve-O would write up Gameweek reports on the Torbay Elite Facebook group page, bring up discussion points happening in the world of football (how it was effecting player selection etc) around 2017 Steve-O watched Dan on his Social media assistant page talk in depth about social media and a lightbulb went off in Steve-O’s head, with the basic tech we have (a phone) why not record ourselves talking about the Torbay Elite. This continued on a semi regular basis across the 2017/18 season, The most frustrating aspect was uploading to Facebook (would take sometimes 14hrs) by which point we felt there’s gotta be an easier way, well of course, YouTube.
That’s when a light at the end of the tunnel appeared, because, in the summer of 2018, Dans friend Jason complimented us on what we were doing and thought why not take this to YouTube? Steve-O and Dan had always thought would it be easier uploading to YouTube (as stated above) but didn’t really know how.
Jason got involved, participated on a show (GW3 2018/19 season) the following GW (GW4) he himself uploaded the show to Youtube (pre recorded on Zoom) and just left it there. The idea of uploading to YouTube was for the guys in the Torbay Elite ML to have easier access and more so, it was more relevant rather than the information talked about effectively being out of date.

After a period of several GWs various people were commenting asking if we had a ML, of course we hadn’t, Jason set one up for our YouTube viewers, and the ML took off from there. The main subject matter for our shows always revolved around the Torbay Elite ML, but by roughly GW20 we then started discussing what was happening in The Elite FPL one, especially as some of the players were doing so well, ie Jack Gleeson. At which point we decided interacting with the YouTube audience, to what we have now (July 2019) a regular call in show having people from the FPL community joining us from all around the world talking fantasy football.

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